Monster Trucks


Monster Trucks are COOL !!!

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks are well built to endure almost anything and everything as you can see in this photo by tommyc. People love monster trucks, and here’s why:

  • They are mean looking. Monster trucks have a presence that make them tough. Just standing next to one is intimidating.
  • They are tough. Each truck us built to endure hitting things, flying through the air, and landing with a thud.
  • They are attractive. Creative is one word that can be used to explain each monster truck’s body.
  • They are loud. Maybe not everyone likes monster trucks because they are loud, but most enjoy hearing the power of monster trucks.
  • They have skilled drivers. It is fun to watch monster trucks because they are driven hard with skilled drivers.

These are just a few of the things that make monster trucks so appealing.

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2014 Monster Jam World Finals XV – AS BIG AS IT GETS

————— Monster Jam World Finals 2014 —————

At this years biggest monster truck show of the year held at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, there is going to be big changes that will make the show the best ever! I know you will want to be a part of this show. Here’s more about this great show.

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Maximum Destruction 10 Year Anniversary

Congratulations Maximum Destruction for 10 Years !!!

This video shows Maximum Destruction doing what it does best at the 2013 Monster Jam Finals encore.  This encore was to honor Tom Meents for being a great monster truck driver for 10 years. One thing for sure, and that is that Tom has been a force for 10 years in his Maximum Destruction Monster Truck!

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2013 Monster Jam World Finals XIV

————— Monster Jam World Finals 2013 —————


The biggest monster truck show of the year is held at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The photo above taken by Greenstrat is what the stadium looks like before it’s transformed into the Monster Jam World Final course. The photo below shows what the stadium looks like after it’s transformed into the Monster Jam World Final course. Amazing!

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BigFoot Regains Longest Jump Record

Congratulations BigFoot for getting your record back!!!

On September 16, 2012 BigFoot monster truck got it’s Guinness World Records’ longest jump record back. The BigFoot monster truck had the record from 1999 to 2010, but in 2010, Bad Habit monster truck attempted and broke the longest monster truck record that was held for 10 years by Bigfoot. Then, in September 2012, BigFoot competed a ramp jump to regain the title. Congratulations!

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Grave Digger 30 Year anniversary

Congratulations Grave Digger Monster Truck for 30 Years !!!

Grave Digger 2012

What an amazing run Grave Digger Monster Truck has had over the past 30 years! .  Congradulations Dennis Anderson and his team! A lot of work goes into being at the top of your game, and The Grave Digger Monster Truck team has proven they are one of the best at what they do. The photo above by Albert1219 show one of the many Grave Digger trucks doing what it does best: PERFORMING

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2012 Monster Jam World Finals XIII

————— Monster Jam World Finals 2012 —————

Monster Jam Final 2008

The biggest monster truck show of the year is the Monster Jam World Finals! This years show was amazing. It had everything, and fans where treated to all the trucks being over the edge crazy. In the photo above by flapjackspeeder, the photo shows the great monster jam world finals arena and wonderful view from the arena.

Here are details for the event: Location of event Sam Boyd Stadium Location in Las Vegas, Nevada on March 24th, 2012

The 2012 Monster Jam World Finals XIII has two main events, which are freestyle and racing. Here are the result of the two main events.

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