2013 Monster Jam World Finals XIV

————— Monster Jam World Finals 2013 —————


The biggest monster truck show of the year is held at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. The photo above taken by Greenstrat is what the stadium looks like before it’s transformed into the Monster Jam World Final course. The photo below shows what the stadium looks like after it’s transformed into the Monster Jam World Final course. Amazing!

Monster Jam Final 2008

 This photo by flabjackspeeder gives an idea what a monster jam world final course looks like before the monster trucks start destroying it. Every year the course has a different design, but usually the world final course is the hardest course the monster truck drivers see each year.

The Monster Truck World Finals XIV was help on March 22-23, 2013. The 2013 Monster Jam World Finals XIV has two main events, which are freestyle and racing. Here are the result of the two main events.


.Monster Jam finals 2013 Freestyle Results

Usually, the freestyle event is the highlight of the Monster Jam finals. The drivers are at teh mercy of the track design. Some years the track is more flowing thin other years. This years the track was hard on the monster truck drivers. Here Monster Jam World Finals(sm) Freestyle Results:

1st Place

MAX-D driven by Tom Meents with a final score of 34.

2nd Place

Blue Thunder driven by Pablo Huffaker with a final score of 30

3rd Place

Superman driven by Jon Zimmer with a final score of 28

4th Place (3 way tie)

Stone Crusher driven by Steve Sims with a a final score of 27

Iron Man driven by Lee O’Donnell with a final score of 27

Lucas Oil Crusader driven by Linsey Weenk with a final score of 27

5th Place (3 way tie)

Team Hot Wheels Firestorm driven by Scott Buetow with a final  score of 25

Metal Mulisha driven by Todd Leduc with a final score of 25

Grave Digger the Legend driven by Adam Anderson with a final score of 25

6th Place (2 way tie)

Monster Energy driven by Damon Damon Bradshaw with a final score of  24

Grave Digger driven by Dennis Anderson with a final score of 24

7th Place (3 way tie)

Zombie driven by Sean Duhon with final score of 23

Avenger driven by Jim Koelher with a final  score of 23

Son-uvaDigger driven by Ryan Anderson with a final score of 23

8th Place (2 way tie)

Monster Mutt Dalmatian driven by Candice Jolly with final score of 22

Northern Nightmare driven by Cam McQueen with a final score of 22

9th Place

Bad Habit driven by Joe Sylvester with a final score of 21

10th Place

El Toro Loco driven by Marc McDonald with a final score of 20

11th Place

Captain’s Curse driven by Alex Blackwell with a final score of 19

12th Place

Captain America driven by Chad Fortune with a  final score of 18

13th Place

Madusa driven by Debrah Miceli with a final score of 16

14th Place

Monster Mutt driven by Charlie Pauken with final score of12

15th Place

Mohawk Warrior driven by George Balhan with a final score of 8

16th Place

Advance Auto Parts Grinder driven by Lupe Soza with a final score of 8

17th Place

Scooby Doo driven by Nicole Johnson with a final score of 7

18th Place

Batman driven by Norm Miller with a final score of 6.

Note: Bounty Hunter broke in racing.

As can be seen from the videos, this was a very hard Monster Truck freestyle course, and the drivers did a great job doing the best they could. For some reason, the drivers had a hard time getting around the track to places they could do the amazing.


Monster Jam Finals 2013 Racing Results

The Monster Jam World racing finals where exciting! One thing to note is that many of the monster trucks looked like they brock, but really what happened was track officials accidentally shut off the trucks during racing. For some reason, when a track official makes a mistake, they don’t redue the race. The following video showsf the 2013 Monster Jam World racing finals.

Monster Jam – World Finals 2012 – Racing Highlights

Here are the races round by round:

Racing Round 1

  • Northern Nightmare def. Team Hot Wheels Firestorm
  • Grave Digger def. Bad Habit
  • Son-uva Digger def. Advance Auto Parts Grinder
  • Grave Digger the Legend def. Monster Energy
  • Mohawk Warrior def. Monster Mutt Dalmatian
  • Captain America def. Lucas Oil Crusader
  • Stone Crusher def. Scooby Doo
  • El Toro Loco def. Superman
  • Monster Mutt def. Madusa
  • Bounty Hunter def. Zombie
  • Metal Mulisha def. Batman
  • Spider-man def. Avenger

Racing Round 2

  • Max-D def. Northern Nightmare
  • Son-uva Digger def. Grave Digger
  • Grave Digger the Legend def. Mohawk Warrior
  • Blue Thunder def. Captain America
  • Stone Crusher def. Captain’s Curse
  • El Toro Loco def. Monster Mutt
  • Bounty Hunter def. Metal Mulisha
  • Spider-man def. Iron Man

Racing Round 3

  • Max-D def. Son-uva Digger
  • Grave Digger the Legend def. Blue Thunder
  • El Toro Loco def. Stone Crusher
  • Spider-man def. Bounty Hunter

Racing Semi-Finals Round

  • Grave Digger the Legend def. Max-D
  • El Toro Loco def. Spider-man

Racing Championship Round

  • Grave Digger the Legend def. El Toro Loco

Congratulations to Grave Digger the Legend for being the winner of the 2013 Monster Jam World finals in racing!!!


 Monster Truck Jam Finals 2013 Encore

At the end of the final was the encore. This years encore was a special presentation honoring Tom Meents for racing Maximum Distruction for 10 years. Here is the video:

What did you think about the double flip? This was an great encore celebrating one of the best monster truck in history!


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  1. The videos from the Monster jam are finals are awesome. I hope I can watch it live someday and feel the excitement of the audience. To be part of such great show is a thrill of a lifetime.

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