Avenger Monster Truck

This truck called Avenger has attitude!


Avenger Monster Truck is one of the top performing monster trucks at each of the Monster Jam events! As can be seen from the photo by B0janges, this 1957 Chevy Bel Air is a great looking monster truck. The whole Avenger Monster Truck concept came from Jim Koehler, who has  been competing in the truck since 1997. That is a long time!


Avenger Monster Truck Facts

The Avenger Monster Truck is a very special truck! Here are some facts about this monster truck:

  • Avenger Monster Truck has competed in every Monster Jam World Finals.
  • Usually at shows, Avenger keeps going until crashes.
  • Truck body started as an Chevy S-10 before becoming a 57 Bel Air
  • On the truck body are three flaming skulls on it.
  • The truck has won two Australian Freestyle World Championship.

Avenger Monster truck is one of the most popular truck in US and around the world.


Avenger Monster Truck Videos

Jim Koehler knows how to drive his Avenger Monster Truck! Over the years he has won many competitions. Here are a few Avenger Monster truck videos:

Avenger Monster Truck 2003 Monster Jam World Final 1st Place in Freestyle

Avenger Monster Truck 2011 Monster Jam World Final 1st Place in Freestyle

Monster Jam Maple Leaf Tour at Roger Center in January 2012

The Avenger monster truck is one of the best at freestyle as can be seen from the videos.


All About Avenger Monster Truck

Here are more Avenger monster truck facts:


Truck Name

Avenger Monster Truck

Type of Truck

1957 Chevy Bel Air


Blown 575 Chevrolet Big Block


Team Scream

Official Website



Jim Koehler


1997 to present.

Home Base

Columbus, MI

Competes at:

Monster Jam




Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion in 2003.
Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Champion in 2011


Avenger Monster Truck was created in 1996 by Jim Koehler. The truck started competing in 1997. The first Avenger truck was a Chevy S-10, and later the truck was transformed into the 1957 Chevy Bel Air. One thing about the truck is that at almost every Monster Jam world final it has a different color scheme.

There is one thing that is for sure. The Avenger Monster Truck will be around for many more years! This is great news for monster truck fans who want to continue to see Mr. Excitement (Jim Koehler) and his monster truck Avenger.


Avenger Monster Truck and other Monster Trucks News

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7 thoughts on “Avenger Monster Truck

  1. These guys are great and every year fan are entatained to the fullest, drivers are taking more risks, showing incredible freestyle skills and you don’t want to miss this! beautiful to watch.

    • You are sooooooo right Well! Each year monster trucks like Avenger Monster Truck get crazier and crazier. That is what makes watching monster truck exciting!

  2. Amazing videos and I really like the above photo of Avenger Monster Truck. This truck performs great on freestyle and it is entertaining. Agree that the design is cool, like the flaming skull in it.

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