BigFoot Monster Truck

The One and Only BigFoot Monster Truck!

BigFoot Monster Truck

The first and most popular monster trucks is the BigFoot Monster Truck. Over the years people have fallen in love with this monster truck called BigFoot, and the reason is simple: BigFoot is pure truck! It looks like a truck and acts like a truck, but it is a monster truck.

 (photo by jasonbain)


BigFoot Monster Truck Pictures 

Enjoy the above great BigFoot Monster Truck Photos? The first is the original BigFoot monster truck and the last is the tallest Bigfoot Monster Truck. These BigFoot Monster Truck photos where taken by chimothy27dougwwjasonbain, and rogerbarker2.


BigFoot Monster Truck Videos


BigFoot has evolved over the past 30 plus years. The following two videos will show how Much of a change BigFoot has made over the years.

Original BigFoot Monster Truck

The original BigFoot Monster Truck was a mainly a stock gas 250 Ford truck that has:

  • 640 cubic inch engine
  • Military axles
  • Long shocks
  • Extra large tires


Current BigFoot Monster Truck Video

The current BigFoot Monster Truck looks like a stock Ford truck body with:

  • 565 to 572 cubic inch engine
  • Methanol fueled engines
  • Planetary axles
  • Nitrogen charged shocks
  • Custom chassis with roll cage
  • Firestone 66x43x25 inch tires

These two videos really show the evolution of The BigFoot monster truck.


BigFoot Monster Truck Facts

Here are some BigFoot monster truck facts:

Truck Name


Type of Truck

Ford Truck


Bob Chandler

Official Website


Bob Chandler, Dan Runte, Rick Long, Darron Schnell, Ron Backmann, Jim Kramer, Larry Swim, Nigel Morris, Kyle Doyle, J.R. Adams.


1979 to present.

Home Base

Hazelwood, Missouri USA

Competes at:

Monster Nationals, Checkered Flag Productions



1990: TNT Monster Truck Challenge, and Special Events Triple Crown. 1992: Special Events. /// 1993: Special Events. 1994: Special Events. 1994: Special Events. /// 1995: Special Events. 1996: Special Events. 1997: Special Events. /// 1998: USA Motorsports. /// 1999: CFP winter, CFP Grand National. 2000: ProMT. /// 2001: ProMT. /// 2002: CFP Grand National, Monster Nationals. /// 2003: European ProMT, CFP winter, CFP Grand National. /// 2006: EMTRC. /// 2007: CFP winter, EMTRC, MLMT, Monster Madness in Canada. /// 2009: CFP winter in racing, CFP winter in freestyle. /// 2010: CFP Grand National, Monster Nationals. /// 2011: Monster Nationals, Special Events.


Bob Chandler started the monster truck movement when he customized his truck and people asked him to bring his truck to shows. This all started for Bob in 1979. Over the years he continued to improve his monster trucks, and set the standard for all other monster truck to follow. Now he has a team of drivers who drive his BigFoot trucks in shows and contests all over the world.

Below are more facts.


More About Big Foot Monster Truck

So you want to know more about about the BigFoot monster truck. The question is why do people really like this truck.

BigFoot Remembers it’s Roots The reason is BigFoot has improved over the years as a monster truck, but maintained it’s roots as a truck.

Patriotic Colors Also, the patriotic colors of red, white, and blue probable has helped the truck maintain it’s following

Always a Great Show There is one thing about BigFoot Monster Truck. When you see the truck at a show or in a contest, you will always see a great show!

These are only a few of the BigFoot attributes. Have questions? Please leave them below.


BigFoot Monster Truck and other Monster Trucks News

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BigFoot Souvenirs, Toys, Posters, Etc

Here are some BigFoot items, and there is something for everyone! BigFoot Monster Truck Toys

Firestone BigFoot Monster Truck 1:43

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BigFoot Monster Truck DVD

Bigfoot Cartoon Monster Truck DVD

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BigFoot Monster Trucks Games

Bigfoot: Collision Course

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10 thoughts on “BigFoot Monster Truck

    • Hi Adriana,

      Glad you liked the article about BigFoot monster truck!!! This is a great truck, and I am still amazed at how much Big Foot has accomplished over the years.

    • My son sure loves monster trucks!! He is 10 and still plays with the big ‘toy’ monster truck he got when he was 5! They are very cool, especially after you have seen Monster jam!

  1. Big foot is a staple in the industry! Its by far the most recognized truck ever! People that done even watch monster trucks know who big foot is!

    • From my research BigFoot has more fans than any other monster truck. I think this is because of the nice blue Ford 150 body, which everyone can connect with.

  2. BigFoot is a star of the show, i am not surprise it has so many fans, you can’t help but fall in love with this amazing machine!

  3. The BigFoot Monster Truck is one of my favorites! It is simply amazing and I like it being blue and simple. Yes, lots of fans for this truck and it gave great shows.

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