BigFoot Regains Longest Jump Record

Congratulations BigFoot for getting your record back!!!

On September 16, 2012 BigFoot monster truck got it’s Guinness World Records’ longest jump record back. The BigFoot monster truck had the record from 1999 to 2010, but in 2010, Bad Habit monster truck attempted and broke the longest monster truck record that was held for 10 years by Bigfoot. Then, in September 2012, BigFoot competed a ramp jump to regain the title. Congratulations!


The 1st BigFoot longest jump record

A major thing happened on September 11, 1999! Dan Runte jumped his Bigfoot 14 to set the Guinness World Records in monster truck long jump. This event was held at the Tennessee Aviation Days Air Show at the Smyrna Airport in Nashville, TN. The total jump was 202 feet, and while jumping, Bigfoot went over a Boeing 727 Jetliner. As can be seen from the video, the monster truck jump was spectacular!


Bad Habit Monster Truck Breaks the Record

On 5 September 2010, Joe Sylvester jumped his Bad Habit monster truck at the 10th Annual Cornfield 500, Columbus, PA. He made three jumps to try to break the monster truck jump record held by BigFoot for 10 years. Here are the three jumps:

His first jump resulted in a major crash where his monster truck flipped many times. After this jump, the truck was repaired, and the jump was reworked.

The second jump was short. Again the jump was reworked.

The third jump set the monster truck jump record. When the jump was over, the judges took a lot of time making sure the jump was really a record, but in the end, the record was broken.

Joe and his monster truck Bad Habit jumped a total 208.61 ft, which broke the Guinness World Records for monster truck jump.


BigFoot Monster Truck Regains Record

BigFoot Monster Truck longest jump Guinness World Record certificate

Above it the proof that the BigFoot monster truck team has the long jump record again! Having the Guinness World Record Monster Truck Long Jump certificate must be an encouragement for the BigFoot team. Here ares some of the facts about this record breaking jump:

  •  Event was held on September 16, 2012 on a beautiful sunny day.
  • Dan Runte jumped the BIGFOOT #18 a total of 214.8 feet
  • Venue was O’Reilly Auto Parts Fall 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals in Indianapolis
  • This jump  didn’t damage the truck, and the truck performed later in the freestyle event.
  • BigFoot #18 was redesigned to make sure it would have a successful jump.

For the BigFoot Monster Truck team, your hard work was well worth the effort. The truck jumped and performed flawlessly. This shows how good you guys are at making a winning monster truck!


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10 thoughts on “BigFoot Regains Longest Jump Record

  1. BigFoot getting back the record was cool! It’s amazing they got the record with such a short ramp. Looks like they know what they are doing!

  2. That takes some Courage to do that, i have respect for these sport man, i just don’t know how they lift and balance such a big monster trucks, that’s fantastic

    • Will, I find this fascinating, also! I think it’s amazing that BigFoot Monster Truck’s longest jumps have not resulted in any crashes that I know of.

  3. This just shows how much powerfull our mind is and what we are capable of, but most of us are limited by fear and the way we brought out with the society who tell us to be carefull all the time, not that i am promoting carelessness but as human we can do more! if we take calculated risks

    • You are right will! Before the jump the BigFoot Monster Truck team worked hard to take as much as possibe risk out of the jump, so they had the highest chance to regaining the monster truck longest ump record.

  4. BigFoot is really officially amazing with that Guinness record. It is definitely a fearless act and not lots of drivers have the guts to do that. Congrats and stay strong on that extreme act.

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