Madusa Monster Truck

There is one truck that gets a lot of attention. Madusa!

Madusa Monster Truck Jumping Cars

Madusa monster truck driven by Debrah Miceli has an interesting story!!! The truck is named after the driver who was a profession wrestler. Debrah was a wrestler from 1986 to 2001, and she wrestled under the name of Madusa, which means made in the USA. After her wrestling career, she started driving monster trucks. Of course, Debrah named her monster truck after the name she used as a pro wrestler.

 (photo by tommyc)


Debrah Miceli the Wrestler and Monster Truck Driver

Debrah has accomplished a lot so far in her life, and she has a lot more let to accomplish. Here are her accomplishments in her wrestling and monster truck driving:

Debrah Miceli Wrestling

Above is a photo taken by Mandy Coombes of Debrah in the ring during Debrah’s pro wrestling days. Here is a list of Debrah’s accomplishments in the ring:

  • All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling: IWA World Women’s Championship (2 times) and Tag League the Best (1989) – with Mitsuko Nishiwaki
  • American Wrestling Association: AWA World Women’s Championship (1 time)
  • International World Class Championship Wrestling: IWCCW Women’s Championship (1 time)
  • World Championship Wrestling: WCW Cruiserweight Championship (1 time)
  • World Wrestling Federation: WWF Women’s Championship (3 times)
  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated: PWI Rookie of the Year (1988)

As can be seen from Debrah’s wrestling awards, she was very good! Now let’s look at her monster truck accomplishments.

Madusa Debrah DivingIn the photo by Bobo Boom, we see Debra driving her monster truck Madusa. Debra has had a lot of success. She has won many competitions. Here are Debra’s wins at the Monster Jam World Finals the top monster truck competition each year:

  • Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Co-Championship (2004)
  • Monster Jam World Finals Racing Championship (2005)

One thing to note is that during the time she was winning at the Monster Jam World Finals Championships, Dennis Anderson was her coach.


Madusa Monster Truck Videos

Here are some of the best Madusa Monster Truck Videos. Enjoy!!!

Madusa freestyle run at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta on January 12, 2012

Madusa freestyle at Raymond James Stadium on Feb 2, 2013.

Madusa vs Wolverine  race in Tampa Florida. Madusa wins by 100s of a second.

These Madusa videos really show how competitive this truck is, and how this truck is always trying for the win.


All About  Masusa Monster Truck

Here are some Madusa monster truck facts:


Truck Name


Type of Truck

Ford F-150


540 CI Merlin


Debrah Miceli?

Official Website


Debrah Miceli


1999 to present.

Home Base


Competes at:

Monster Jam



Monster Jam World FinalsSM event as Freestyle Co-Champion in 2004.
Monster Jam World Finals Racing Champion 2005


Madusa Monster Truck was created in 1999 by Debra Miceli. The Ford 150 truck started off with a with design, and now has a pink design

From my observations, the biggest challenge for Debrah and her monster truck Madusa is mechanical problems. If she can get and keep her truck mechanically sound, she would have a chance at winning more..


Madusa Monster Truck and other Monster Trucks News

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5 thoughts on “Madusa Monster Truck

  1. OMG! great control and fun to watch,incredible skill… she drive like a champion and fans knows that they going to see a great perfomance with Madusa!

  2. I think the Madusa truck is hot and really competitive despite having a lady driver. Debrah is wise naming her monster truck after her wrestler name. The design of the truck is also just right for her.

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