Maximum Destruction

Always Fun to Watch Maximum Destruction Monster Truck!

Maximum Destruction

Maximun Destruction monster truck driven by Tom Meents is a winner!!! At the Monster Jam World Finals, the biggest monster truck competition in the world, this truck driven by Tom has won 6 racing titles and 4 freestyle titles. No other monster truck has had more Monster Jam World Finals titles than Maximum Destruction!!! Note: There is a team of drivers that drive Maximum Destruction, but Tom Meents is the main driver.

 (photo by b0jangles)


Tom Meents and Maximum Destruction

Who is Tom Meents? He is the always lively and fun to watch monster truck driver of Maximum Destruction. From the very beginning, Tom has had no fear in driving his trucks hard and fast. Below shows a photo of Tom and Maximum Destruction.

Tom Meents and Maximun Destruction

In this photo taken by Matlock, it shows Tom Meents standing next to his Maximum Destruction Truck doing one of his favorite things: hanging out with fans!!!


Maximum Destruction Monster Truck Videos

Here are some of the best Maximum Destruction Monster Truck Videos. Enjoy!!!

Maximum Destruction Backflip at Houston’s Reliant Stadium by driver Neil Elliott.

Maximum Destruction Corkscrew at Bank Stadium in Baltimore by driver Tom Meents.

Maximum Destruction Freestyle in Orlando at Florida Citrus Bowl by driver Neil Elliott.

Maximum Destruction (driver Tom Meents) vs Monster Energy (driver Coty Saucier) race for the racing championship at the 2012 Monster Jam World Finals XII where Maximum Destruction wins the race.


These Maximum Destruction videos really show how competitive this truck is, and how this truck is always on the cutting edge in this sport.


All About Maximun Destruction Monster Truck

Here are some Maximum Destruction monster truck facts:


Truck Name

Maximum Destruction Note: in the past the truck was called Goldberg and Team Meents.

Type of Truck

Futuristic SUV


540 CI Merlin


Tom Meents

Official Website


Tom Meents (founder and creator), Neil Elliott, Kreg Christensen


2000 to present.

Home Base

Paxton, Illinois USA

Competes at:

Monster Jam



2000 Monster Jam World Racing Champion (truck named Goldberg) /// 2001 Monster Jam World Racing and Freestyle Champion (truck named Goldberg) /// 2002 Monster Jam Racing and Freestyle Champion (truck named Team Meents)
2004 Monster Jam Freestyle Champion (truck named Maximum Destruction) /// 2006 Monster Jam Freestyle Champion (truck named Maximum Destruction) /// 2009 Monster Jam Racing Champion (truck named Maximum Destruction) /// 2011 Monster Jam Racing Champion (truck named Maximum Destruction) /// 2012 Monster Jam Racing Champion (truck named Maximum Destruction)


Maximum Destruction started in 2000 as Goldberg. This all started by Tom Meents being sponsored to create a monster named Goldberg, which was one of the popular professional wrestlers who competed in the World Championship Wrestling, Inc. After World Championship Wrestling, Inc stopped being a sponsor, the truck was named Teem Meents for one year, and then, in 2003 renamed Maximum Destruction. From the very beginning of it's existence, Maximum Destruction has been one of the top Monster trucks and fan favorites at almost every show.

Below are more facts.


More About Maximum Destruction Monster Truck

So you want to know more about about the Maximum Destruction monster truck. The question is why do people really like this truck.

Does a backflip most shows One thing people like to see at monster trucks shows are backflips, and at almost every show Maximum Destructions looks for a way to backflip.

Does not hold back This truck never holds back! At every show, the truck is on the edge of destruction. In fact, this truck probable crashes more then any other truck.

Tom love the fans! At everyshow, there is one truck driver that hangs out with the fans more than other drivers, and that is Maximum Destruction driver Tom Meents.

These are only a few of the Maximum Destruction attributes. Have questions? Please leave them below in the comments area.

Maximum Destruction Monster Truck and other Monster Trucks News

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Maximum Destruction Toys and SOUVENIRS

Here are some Maximum Destruction items, and there is something for everyone!

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5 thoughts on “Maximum Destruction

  1. I have never seen real monster trucks in action, but these videos were awesome! Does this truck or any other for that matter ever come to Rhode Island? I would love to check out this truck in action.

  2. now i am new in this sport and that was crazy, such a big moster track do that! it’s going to be a great show as always… that was a great up to Maximum Destruction Monster Truck that was an amamzing backflip… you don’t expect a such big track to do that!

    • Meents and his Maximum Destruction monster truck are crazy. I think the design of the truck helps the truck to get out of many challenging situations.

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