Monster Truck Videos

There are many great monster truck videos!!! There are monster truck videos all about monster trucks, monster truck videos for kids, and monster truck videos for those who like seeing monster truck races. For sure there is a monster truck video for everyone!!!

Here are the Monster Truck Videos

This is a great monster truck video all about monster trucks!!! It shows monster trucks doing many things over the years. The full version of this video called, “Lots and Lots of Monster Trucks DVD,” can be purchased here.


Monster Truck History Videos

The video above titled, “Monster Truck Classics,” is a sample of a video showing the history of monster trucks. The full 3 DVD set of this video can be purchased here.

Another great history video on monster trucks is a DVD called, “Modern Marvels – Monster Trucks,” created by the History Channel and A&E. Check it out here.


 Monster Truck Show Videos

Monster truck show videos are always entertaining!!! An example is the video above of the 2011 Monster Jam Ultimate Thrill Show in Houston. Want to watch more monster truck show videos? Here are Monster Jam Finals videos:

Here are Monster Jam Finals DVDs: World Finals 1 to 5, World Finals 6, World Finals 7, World Finals 8, World Finals 9, World Finals 10, World Finals 11, World Finals 12 (coming)


Monster Truck Videos for Children

Bigfoot Presents Meteor & the Mighty Monster Truck are probably the best monster truck videos for kids. The above video shows what Meteor & the Mighty Monster Truck videos are like. Here are links to Meteor & the Mighty Monster Truck videos:

Parents love these monster truck videos for their kids!!!

Monster Trucks Club

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2 thoughts on “Monster Truck Videos

  1. I go to monster jam every year. I have been wachting it for my hole life, and I still luv it. That was an amazing video, Especally, at the end when the driver went into the seeting area. Luckily no body was sitting there or some people would have died.

    • Nice! Yes, going to a monster jam show is a lot of fun, but if you can’t watching a monster truck video is the next best thing.

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